Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simple Halloween Card

After a very eventful flight back to the USA, I am safe and sound in my own place in my own bed and in my own office yet again--for at least the next couple of weeks.
This card was made with PTI paper, PBD silk ribbon, and CTMH stamp (This was August's Stamp of the Month)!
This could be a fun party invite!!!!
Make it a great one

Monday, September 19, 2011


Happy Monday everyone--my trip is coming to a close and I am excited to get home but I have another one of these trips in two weeks back to south east Asia!
So here are a few pics from Florence Italy--I love that city--the food, the leather goods, the art!!!  Did I say the food! 
You simply can not just look around you have to look up--the details was amazing!
The inside of the chapel--so peaceful and the lighting was amazing

One of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen--you must walk all the way round to get the entire effect--it is currently under rehab in spots but the amazing detail will simply leave you speechless-
Knock Knock--the doors and the knockers were so beautiful and the lighting (all natural) was so amazing with all the drama and shadows

Makes you wish you had a view like this--the city and the country simply merge-seamless--the mountains were beautiful--just beyond them is an amazing wine region as well!
I found this bust to be one of my all time favs--if you notice there is two different types of marble used--the base is one and the drape is another--the multi colors in the drape really make it look like fabric.  I have to say that the eyes are a bit spooky when they are not finished-sort of empty.  The detail of the hair was really cool as well--to imagine the time and skill.
Make it a great one-
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