Saturday, May 8, 2010

Where In The World Day 6.....Delhi

Before we get to the last stop of our trip--I just want to remind everyone that you have until 5PM Sunday night to leave comments on all the post this week for your chance to win the daily blog candy--each comment is also a chance to win the grand blog candy--A beautiful pearl and crystal necklace!

Our last stop is Delhi India--I do a lot of business in India and as I have traveled there over the years--it has really grown on me! The changes the country has undergone in the last 10 years has been amazing to watch. It seems I end all of my Asian trips in India---so sometimes I feel like I never get to really experiance it becasue I am so worn out--but the companies I work with are wonderful and really make the trip great. This trip I got to ventrue to a village that has been updated with water distribution but almost all other aspects are still very triditiaonl (non big city). I will share picture of that trip with in a trip in a few weeks in a series of layouts but here is a video of 'life on the street.'

Today's Blog Candy is a beautiful Icot Scarf---this will go great with jeans or you can dress it up and still have a great look! Lots of colors here so it is sure to fit right in to your closet!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Where In The World Day 5........Chittigong

So today's stop is in Chittigong--I was lucky enough to be asked to attend a ground breaking for a new factroy where my production will be starting up in January--so there will be many many more trips to this intresting city. Here is a video of protions of the ground breaking--hope you enjoy!

While there I found an amazing store that sold all sorts of hand crafts made by the locals--the entire store is based on promoting Bangolie handy crafts--talk about amazing! I sent so much time and money in this store--I had to by another bag!

Today's blog candy is one of my favs--hand done needle work is so nice--this little zipper bag will be great for your purse or bag to hold a few odds and ends--I found this at a store in Chittagong that was full of local hand made items from frames to scarves to beaded boxes! I bought so much here I had to get a second suitcase to get it all home!


Next stop India--
see you than

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Where In The World Day 4......Jakarta

Today we are in Jakarta--home to 10M people!! Not a small city--very similar to New York or Chicgo-it is very urban with high rise living and lots of big business!
Just like all the other stops--this place is hazey! It seems that every spring this wide spread haze just settles of most of Southeast Asia and it sits there till summer! It was about 95 and super humid--the kind where you sweat coming out of the hotel and you simply want to shower three or four times a day!
Every place has a market--its all about how much you want to search! By this point in the trip all I want is a good shopping mall with some air condition!
Here is the local transportation of choice--ricshaws and moter bikes--they are everywhere--I have some photos from India where you may see 8 people on one of there! NO KIDDING!
Whenever I travel I try to get to see some histroy as well. It is amazing how much I have and how blessed I am to live in a country where I can be who I want, live where I want, I have all my needs and if you have seen my scraproom--most of my wants--and learing about the places I visit makes me find deeper meaning in the whole experiance! Learing about their history makes me want to know and understand more about ours!
If I showed all my pictures now I would have nothing to show in future projects--so I just wanted to give you a taste of Jakarta--I loved the city and hope to return next year! There is so much more to see that I could spend an entire week and still not get through my wish list!

Today's Blog Candy is a traditional art form from the region. Batik is a process where resist and dye are used to make a beautiful work of art--I had to try this in college--it is a true craftsman art. It reminds me of what a lot of people are doing with copic markers these days--


This would make a beautiful pillow or simply framed!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Where In The World Day 3......Bangkok

Bangkok--what an unique and amazing city--I am sorry I was unable to take more photos. Part of the reason why I am linking to google maps for some key attractions is there were protests going on that Americans with cameras are seen as press in certain areas and I wanted to avoid any possible issues-
If you click here you will be taken to google maps and have the chance to see the lay of the land as well as high lights with additional facts--I use this function on google maps all the time when I travel!

The video is from my hotel and it is a great view of the city--this time of year most of Southeast Asia has a haze all day due to the heat and humidity!

Today's blog candy is from a Bangkok stample--Jim Thompson. A comapny with a very long history of making super fine cotton scarves and shirts and some of the most beautiful silk designs you have ever seen. This cotton scarf is bright pink and white with an elephant motif. The elephant with the trunk up is a symbol of luck! Who ever wins this is sure lucky!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday, May 3, 2010

Where in the world day 1.............Hong Kong

I started my trip in Hong Kong--one of the best cities in Asia to visit. It is very westernized and easy for first-timers to enjoy! The weather was a but overcast but I still had to take my walk along Hong Kong Harbor.

Todays blog candy is a key ring and door hanger! The Key ring is made of rose colored agate and the satin knot is donw by hand. The door hanger is made of jade and had been carved. The carving is meant to bring luck and peace to the house hold--I have these on all the doors in my place. I love the way they look and a few good vibes never hurt either--

Next stop Cambodia!
see you soon

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Where in the World is ScrapGuy........................

I am so excited about this week! I am going to share some videos and photos of my recent trip to Southeast Asia and India. I also have some great blog candy each day that I purched in each country! All you have to do is leave comments each day. I will also have grand blog candy that one lucky follower will win! I am talking pearls--yes pearls!

The necklace is natural perals and crystal on organza ribbon. When I found this I thought it was so pretty that someone should have it!

You can get 5 extra chances to win by placing a link to this post on your blog (make sure you put a link in your comments to your blog), and you can get another 5 chances by added my blinki to your blog!

The trip starts in Hong Kong so pack your bags and get ready for some adventure!


Nation Scrapbook Day Blog Candy goes to.......................

Hope you all had a great weekend--I am in the middle of packing for yet another business trip and getting ready for an awsome week here on ScrapGuy! Tune in a little later today to see what the week holds--as I know you will want to. There will be blog candy everyday with the grand candy being AWESOME!!!! I am talking pearls--and not the kind we stick on cards!

Back to the National Scrapbook Day Blog Candy of a Juke Box for your Cricut. And the winner is.................
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