Friday, June 18, 2010

A Challenge switch up.......

Happy Friday!  I am on my way to NYC on business--next week will be CRAZY with back to back to back meetings!  I have been madly working ahead so I have posts ready for next week--and there are FOUR projects to share.
I have a challenge for you!  I challenge you to challenge me!  All you have to do is leave a comment with some type of challenge It may be using a color combo or a specific theme.  What about a challenge based on a cartridge or a specific type of cut.  How about one that challenges me to use a certain embellishment!  You can also challenge me use something from one of my recent haul videos. You can even send me a photo to scrap or a specific type of card!  Not only will this help me have projects to share but it will also get my creative juices flowing and I love a good challenge-- I am excited to see what you all challenge me to do and I hope I am up for it!  I would hate to disappoint.
Depending on the number of challenges comments posted I may just do a whole week of challenges or we may need to spread them out! Either way I will make sure to address each one of them!

I also have a few tricks up my sleeve as next week is not only a big week for work but a big week for me!
Get ready for some blog candy!

Challenge away!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cricut Lite Billionaire Cut

OK so I had to start playing with my new Cartridges (as I wait to see the new ones for Hello Thursday) and my number one must have was Billionaire!  Why you may ask--cause I want to be one!  No really I love the font as I am a font junkie!!!!
So I picked my favorite cut and decided to test the easy of assembly.  I first cut all layers (4 in total) in different colors so you all could see.
First I took the shadow (base+shift) and the base cut (no shift) and atg'ed them together

than I added the layer cut
and finally the layer+shift
This cut has a lot of small narrow sections so the larger the better--this one is 5 1/2" .  
The cut would be perfect for a privet school scrapbook layout using school colors.
A card base in tonal shades which would act as a pattern when put together.
A really cool shaped card if welded (would have done it but no gypsy update yet) 
In black white and red---how classic
for a golf layout using a sweater for color inspiration.  
How about a Red and Green version for the holidays--
I can think of tons more--not only is the font great on this cartridge but there are a ton of mustaches which would be so fun to cut in the SEI felt paper and use on photos to make them funny faces!  (think the Marxs Brothers!) If you were on the fence--come on over!
Have a great one!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vintage Finds

Hello friends-thanks for stopping in today!  I have some inspiration to share today.  When my mother was here a week or so ago, we had lunch at a great little place called The Dove's Nest.  There is a gift shop attached to where you eat and I found a couple of 'bags' of vintage inspiration.
A scoop of old buttons, not a one matching another in the whole lot of them.  All the shapes and sizes, some still have the thread in them.  Metal, leather, wood and so much more.  Smooth, textured, shiny and dull.  Each one as individual as each of us.

The second bag was full of vintage treasures.  Sheet Music from 'Old Man River', a zipper in it original packaging, bits of lace, and beads from a couple of necklaces that had broken.  I have a ton of vintage looking embellishments but true vintage add so much character and i love the added age they bring.
You never know where inspiration will hit.  There are tons of treasures waiting to be discovered at vintage shops, in basements, drawers, and top shelf closet boxes.  I would love to see what inspiration you all find.
Make it a great one-

Monday, June 14, 2010

June Calendar using Cricut Life's A Beach

Happy Monday to you all!  Today I have the June Calender to share with you all--with the start of summer and every one's love of a good beach--I thought this creation was perfect.

I love adding layers and depth to a layout--I did it here by placing the sea weed and coral in between the sand strips.  When doing this, if you leave some parts unglued it gives it more of a natural feel and allows you to add other things like the seahorses and coral in and among the sea weed and sand.

I added a couple of pop-dots to the crab so you could see his smile.  Glitter is one of my favorite things to use--here I used it on two of the lime green sea weeds and a few of the corals.
Here it is all put together.
I have already started July's and it is explosive! (pardon the pun) Have a great day and we will see you soon!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I got caught....caught up in the excitment!

OK---I must confess I have gotten caught red handed--buying some of the new mini lite cartridges--I know you don't have to say it--did I need them? The answer to that is a big fat NO! I was on a business trip all last week so I did not get a chance to go search until Friday night when I got back to Dallas. The first place I went was a Wally World on a mission to see if they had any! to my surprise (as well as my wallets) they did--and they were most of the ones I wanted!

Varsity--great for any school scrap booking or card making!
Carousel--which has ton of cute cuts and a KILLER font--one you won't use on everything but it is a super cool sort of vintage look!
Cherry Limeade--need I say more--Happy Hour at Sonic from 2-4 half priced drinks--Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade here I come!
Feelin Groovy--has some great work art and it is a really fun font--esp when you mix up the colors on the layers--this one is perfect for one of my nieces--it matches her personality to a T
Billionaire--my first thought was Monopoly and i just loved ideas that started to flow--then I fell in love with the font---

I just hope they are in the gypsy update soon!
there are only 9 I really wanted and I have five--I must pace myself!
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