Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Funday.........

So it's Friday Funday yet again!!!!  Boy this week had been CRAZY!! Salt Lake City was beautiful--the mountains were breath taking--so toady I am headed to DFW for a business trip to Ohio---This trip should be fun-why you may ask--Because I am going to the NFL Hall of Fame.  This weekend is when the new class of Hall of Famers get those yellow jackets.  Most people would be excited about the game on Sunday and getting to see the players.  I on the other hand am more excited about seeing the players in the jackets I had made for this event.  To be part of these amazing players experience this weekend is really exciting.  I will take plenty of pictures and will share next week.

So I promised another project but I ran in to some time issues this week.  I did however use my scraps from the layout and cards this week to make the header that completes the gift set of cards--I still have more than half the paper for the Workshop On the Go kit!  So trust that you will be seeing these papers again.  LOL!

I am also very excited that there will be a box of brand new FALL IDEA BOOKS waiting for me to send out to the club members.  I will have a few extras so if you need one let me know and we can work it out!  I would love for you to join us in the Workshop On the Go club--I have gotten a peak at the kits in the new book and they are AWESOME!!!  There are some great extras and tons of fun in store!
If you would like to join in let me know! I will send out an email on Monday to those interested with all the exciting details.

Next week I have a card a day--all made from just 2 sheets of pattern cord stock and three sheets of solid---I have given a few local friends a preview and I hope you like them as much as they did!!
Have a wonderful weekend--see ya Monday!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cards from a Close To My Heart Workshop On The Go....

Boy has this week been crazy!  In Salt Lake and headed back to Dallas today.  As promised I have the cards from a Workshop On The Go kit.  I hope this helps some of you that are still thinking about it to sign up for the club!  The kits will have a workshop guide that will give detailed instructions on measurements and stamping techniques that can be used to recreate the items pictured.  Do not let this stop you from being creative!! Change it up--add some texture, sand, rip, weather, whatever you want--the kits can be a starting point for you--
The Cherry-O Work Shop On The Go had instruction for three cards (two of each)--and like I said Monday, I did the double page layout and the six cards and still had almost half of the paper plus the scraps--plenty for a number of additional projects!
On to the cards, here are all of them pictured together
Card number one-
I added some cuttlebug divine swirls to this card
Card number two
up close and personal, I love how the stamp wraps around the button!
Card number 3--with a video
some detail
and the video will show how easy these are!

Two quick reminders--
1) Don't forget the super sale CTMH has going to thank you for your business---Check yesterdays post for the list of paper packs on special--these prices are while supplies last!  So make sure you head over to my web site and stock up!!!!  Click here to start shopping!
2) email me at if you are interested in joining in the fun of the Workshop On The Go Kit Club--There are a ton of benefits for club members that I can e-mail you!  Can't wait to hear from you!

Make it a great one-

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

$2, $4, $6 for 8 who do we appreciate----------YOU!

Close To My Heart is having a customer appreciation sale on tons of paper and Stickease.
Stickease are $2.00 (reg $4.95-$8.95), Level 1 paper packs are $4.00 (reg $9.95), and Level 2 Paper packs are $6.00 (reg $12.95)

There is a huge selection of collections that will be on sale starting August 4 at 9 am MST and will end at
midnight on Aug 11.

Here is a list of all the items on the sale.  Feel free to print this out and mark your selections.  This offer is only available on line so I recommend you set up you account today as it will save you time when ordering. 
You can set you account up by clicking here.  My CTMH website is up and ready for business.

If you would like to take a look at these--they are under the My Reflections Scrapbook Kits or by clicking here!

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This offer is only good on line and will only be going for 8 days!  I know I am stocking up on some of my favs because when they are gone they are gone for good.  At these prices they will not last long! 
Make it a great one!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Cherry-O Workshop On The Go Layout....with Video

It's Monday, and I am off to the races this week.  On my way to Salt Lake City early this week and then off to Canton Ohio--yes Ohio, for the Nation Football Hall Of Fame Weekend!!!!!!!
Last Friday I posted about the Close to My Heart Clubs I have going.  I have had a number of questions and I will try to answer them at the end of this post.  I really want to show you what the Workshop On the Go can do! In the workshop guide there are detailed instructions for a double page scrapbook layout as well as directions to make 6 cards (2 each of three designs)--and you still have more than half of the paper left! Here is the layout from the Cherry-O Workshop On The Go:
There is room for 4 photos and a journal spot!  Here is a short video-

Here are some detail shots-

I used my expression to cut the title--you could also stamp this
I also used the cuttlebug and the new polka dot 5X7 embossing folder
I used another CTMH stamp to add lines for the journal block--
Some of the great embellishments included in the workshop kit

Even after I did this double layout and made 6 cards (that I will post on Wednesday) I still have more than half of the paper left!  Think of the projects you could still do with the left overs!

Let me try to answer some of the questions:
How much is shipping?
Depending on the zip code it will be between $6 and $8.  It also depends on what all you purchase.  I will ship the most reliable and inexpensive way I can.
Is this only for US Customers?
If you do not live in the US--please let me know what country and I will let you know the shipping that would be.  If you are interested, e-mail me (, to every problem there is a solution!
What is the size of the paper pack and what can it make?
All of the papers are 12X12.  There are 12 double sided pattern papers, 10 sheets of solid card stock that work back to the pattern paper, the workshop guide, an exclusive B sized stamp set that can not be purchased any other way but through the Workshop On the Go kit, and some sort of embellishments.  The kit has directions for one double page 12x12 layout and 6 cards, but there are enough papers to make more than double that!!!!
What benefits do club members receive?
Right out of the gate you will get the new idea book that starts September 1--and let me tell you it is GREAT!!!!!!!!!! Each member will be a host/hostess for one month and receive all the hostess rewards for that month, a minimum of $25 in free select product.  I will be doing videos for each workshop as well as one additional project with the workshop papers.  There are lots of other me and I can send you a full breakdown of the additional benefits.

To all you who have already said sign you up--watch for an email from me with more details!  Thanks so much for stopping in today!  On Wednesday I will share the cards made with the Cherry-O Workshop and Friday is an additional project using the papers!

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