Friday, March 11, 2011


So here is an amazing view of Bangkok from the 41st floor at a place called the Dome!  I truly had never seen anything like this.  It was at sunset and as it got darker and the lights twinkled like stars!  I am so luck to have a career that takes me to amazing places

There is a great bar with a full patio that you sort of stick out over the city to get the most amazing far reaching views. 

Today I booked my tickets to Europe in just a few days--14 to be exact Spain, Italy, and England--I can not wait.  I get a lot of questions about what I do for a living--besides craft and try my best to keep this blog a go!  I am in product development for a men's clothing company and I LOVE, I MEAN LOVE my job.  The travel does wear on you (since I have only been home about 15 days this year) but it also pushes you.  I get to see, taste, experience, and take home a bit of place I only dreamed about going to growing up.

Remember to leave those comments--even on my mini post about not posting--all comments count  I will post pictures of the prizes on Saturday--speaking of prizes--today's is a great hand crafted box perfect to put on your craft table to catch all the buttons and brads and what not--
Thank you for being so understanding about my work and travel--you all make it a joy to share.

Where in the World.....

As life happens--I got delayed coming back to Dallas last night from Wisconsin so my post will be up later today--there will be one with blog candy but wanted to let you all know I did not forget--just a long flight delay!!!
But home for the weekend and plan on doing some great crafting for next weeks blog posts-today's stop is Bangkok! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


So today our stop takes us about 2 hours outside of Bangkok!  Right near the sea shore and nothing like I expected.  SO MUCH BETTER!!!!
Picture this.....opening up the patio doors that run two full sides of your room and from all angles you have amazing views.  Infinity pool, beach access outside of your door, amazing food, and peace and quite!!!
It was a slice of pure heaven--I can not wait to go back.  Even the basic room had amazing views!
This view is what you saw as you walked into the hotel, open air lobby and a view you simply can not pull yourself away from!
view from one side of my room...............
view from the other side!!! not to bad----trust me when I say not all the hotels I stay at are this good!
On Friday I will have a view of Bangkok that I am almost positive few if any of you have seen--at least from this perspective.

Today's blog candy is a beautiful scarf!
leave those comments for your chance to win--no need to be a follower but it would be great if you did!
make it a great one!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hong Kong

First stop on this trip was Hong Kong!  One of the things I love about Hong Kong is this wonderful lady and her daughter that I met years ago through a dear friend that make custom jewelry! She has a shop near the Jade market and a stall there as well.  My mother has many items from her as do my sister, aunt, and nieces!
This is them hard at work on a couple pcs for me--which I love!!!
This is just a sampling of stones that she has--all sorts!  Natural, crystal, name it she has it
You can also buy by the strand--so you can design and string your own creation!!

Today's blog candy is a beautiful necklace from Virgina that is onyx and shell!  Everyone I have given one to has loved it!  so leave those comments for your chance to win!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Where in the World...has Scrapguy been!

Well it is that time again--where in the world is Scrapguy!  Or I should say where in the world have I been.  This week I want to share some pictures of my recent trip to Asia--and guess what there is blog candy to be had each day.  Starting Wednesday I will be posting Pictures of a few of the place I went--and each comment will count towards that days blog candy.  There is also a grand blog candy that will be announced on Saturday so make sure to leave comments--the winner will be picked from all the comments left for the week!  There is some good blog candy this time so make sure to stop in and leave a comment!
(comments contest starts today!)
make it a great one
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