Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Scrap Room After

Check out the after video of my new ORGANIZED scrap room!


  1. Bryan, Great job organizing. Don't you just love ikea? Nice space, I'm in the process of redoing mine and am waiting on some legs to be shipped from ikea. I signed up to follow your blog (dennisv) shari (cricutrookie)
    check out my new blog.

  2. thanks shari--I will check out your blog as well--Ikea is a god send--used to shop in London when I lived there and was sooooo glad when they opened up here in the states!

  3. WOW Bryan, nice job on the organization. I wish we had an Ikea here but sadly it's I think 3 hours away in Cinci. Can't wait to see what projects you come up with in your new creative space. I signed up to be a follower on your blog. Nice to have a male perspective for a change...LOL

  4. Awesome room! Love the Ikea baskets!

  5. Very nice & it appears you have quite a collection of cartridges!! Wow! My dream!

  6. Excellent Bryan! I love the after. Who do you work for that you use tape? I teach 1st grade. I could use a glue supplier. LOL
    I am happy I found your blog. I'll be back.


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