Tuesday, July 5, 2011

And the winner is...............

Happy Tuesday--thought this went up yesterday but nope--so the Cricut Cartirdge (my all time fave Song Bird) goes too....................

Angie said...
Oh gosh, I could go on and on here Bryan. The Ikea Bigel rails and baskets are FANTASTIC. Lots of people like to store ribbon on those rod type systems but, I love the Bigel baskets for my ribbon so that I can take out the entire spool and hold it up against my project before I cut it...I can test it first. Not to mention you can store your punches on the rails. I love these!
Funny that you are moving b/c myhusband and I are in the midst of having our home built and I have plans for the craft room that I am going to get. One wall is going to be installed cabinets and a countertop! Another wall will be the Ikea system and then another will have those small pantry cabinets from Target (on sale this week for $50). I like to buy the photo storage boxes and put different things in them while leaving the lids underneath the box so that you can see everything.
Since I don't currently have a real craft room, I use Itso cabinets from Target, to store my paper stacks because the 12x12 fit perfectly inside. Oh, and I also love the rolling plastic carts, those are good for ink, stamps, flock, etc. Hope this helps! Good Luck!

June 27, 2011 11:21 AM

Angie-send me your info at scrapguyblog@yahoo.com and I will get this out to you right away. You have two weeks to claim your prize--if it does not get claimed I will pick another winner from the comments given for the post so someone is sure to walk away with a new cartridge.

Thanks for all the wonderful moving and organizing advise--I have started packing and have 12 yes 12 boxes of paper alone!!!!!
make it a great one-


  1. Oh how exciting! I won a cartridge!! How fun!! I will Email you in a moment but, please be sure to let us know how the new place ends up...maybe some motivation to get it together would be more pictures for us! ;) You can make it happen!! Thanks Bryan!


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