Thursday, September 29, 2011

Horder! No Just moving!

Hello all--thought I would share some of the pics from the move and the state of the craft union--I mean room!

Don't Judge--LOL.  I have made a ton of progress and by Friday I think I will be in good shape--now when you see the wall of paper in the next post you will see where I spend my free money!
Have a good one-


  1. I wouldn't even want to think about having to pack up my craft room to move! My husband would die over the number of boxes it would take me to pack. So much stuff in one room! Good luck with your unpacking and organizing!

  2. Not judging...just drooling! Good luck with the unpacking and organizing all of those goodies!

  3. My sympathies. We had to pack my craft room last year when the came to re-do our hardwoods. I'm having flashbacks looking at your pictures!

  4. Hi Bryan....It'll go better 'N you think!! Just make Michael's and or JoAnn's your storage buddies and you'll be amazed how organization will come together...can't wait 2 C it all done :)


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