Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun Fold Gift Card Directions.

OK--I know this is late but I have been having a ton of issues posting and it is not making me happy!
So here is a step by step so bookmark this page as you will want to keep this one in your wheel house.
First off cut a pc of paper that is 11" long and 4 1/2" wide
Next score three times starting from the left hand side at 3", 5 1/2", and 8"
See the picture fore measurements.
on the outside of the card I applied red line tape as above.  I would suggest using the thinnest tape you have as you don't want the gift card to get stuck. Peel off the red line and ally the two center sections together.

Next, open the card and trace the gift card shape onto the center section.  Once that is complete you are ready to cut out the traced portion

Once that is complete you can insert your gift card
so you this is what it looks like laying flat, and standing up.
I told you this on was super simple.  I would love to see how you all use this in your gift giving-so please share a link in the comments.
If all goes well there will be another project on Friday!
Make it a great one-


  1. I'm having one of your days!;{ I'm trying to put a new cart. in my gypsy & it keep saying to go to provo gypsy for support or help!Ok went there & it said it can not be found(WHAT)?So I try to update it again;[ NO LUCK that didn't work:( I think I will give up & try tomorrow;| Thanks for the directions on your giftcard:} MERRY CHRISTMAS

  2. I keep trying to post my cricut rewards coupon and I can't get onto their site. It keeps telling me I don't have the right password and would I like a new one. Grrrr! I'm also giving up for the day. I think the Grinch is in thier office today. Love your simple gift card holder idea.

  3. Loved the card holder and I did make one. Here is my post. Thank you much for the great tutorial.


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