Friday, August 10, 2012

artiste cartridge deal

OK---A dear friend of mine suggested I try this so I will.  I am going to offer a payment plan for the Cricut Artiste Cartridge from Close to My Heart.  This is how it works.

If you are wanting the cartridge and your budget does not allow it right now I have have a solution.
For the first 10 folks that email me and say that what this deal it is yours!
Updated as of 2 pm Friday this offers is going to be open--so no limit on people taking advantage--the response has been good and I don't want anyone to feel they can't be a part of this great deal

The total for the cartridge plus usps priority shipping and tax will be divided by 4 payments--I will send four pay pal invoices to you for $30 each.  Once you pay all four I will ship your cartridge--you can pay one a week or two a month or spread it our over four months--it's all up to  you!

I want to make this cartridge available to everyone--no matter what your budget is.

this is what you get in the package
The cartridge, three stamp sets, and three chip board sets--

You must email me at to get this special promo--I will even through in the stamp of the month for the month when you complete payment! That's another $17.95 free  this is a super value--

Again space is limited and I hope you take advantage of it!
make it a great one


  1. This sounds AWESOME.. I'm on it. What a great thing to do for your blogger friends. Too good to pass up with the Stamp of the month too...WOW

  2. Hi, I just tried to email you and it came back undeliverable. Things that make you go Hmmmm. LOL. I'm

  3. You are an Angel. Finally someone who realizes that there are crafters out there who would love to buy this cartridge but can't easily afford to dole out a hundred bucks at one time. I bet you'll have record sales for allowing four installments. Wish you the best. Hugs, Velma


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