Sunday, May 12, 2013

Update on Life.......

Hello my friends--I know it has been a long time but want to bring you up to speed on what has been going on.  If you did not know I was laid off from the company I worked for in Dallas for the past 6 years in March.  I needed to focus on my job search and what seeking what God had in store for my life.  We things have started to settle down a bit and boy has life taken a crazy turn in the last two months.  I no longer live in Dallas.  That's right folks--I have packed up and am moving to the Miami Ft. Lauderdale area.  I received a wonderful job offer from a well known apparel company after just 5 weeks of searching.  I am one week into the job and really liking the people and the opportunity to build this life in Florida.  Never thought of moving here but here is where I find me.  I have found a place to live and will be heading back to Dallas for a few days to load up and move all my stuff--which there is a ton.  So in looking at everything and what it is going to take to get up and running again my goal is to be back to crafting after the July 4th Holiday.  I know that is a long time to be away but God sent me on a journey that I needed to travel--on this journey I have found peace, happiness, and joy in my everyday life once again--things I had lost.  I am still following the blogs and seeing what everyone is posting and finding that passion to cut and paste and be creative.  I can't wait to get all my stuff here and my new scrap area set up so I can be creative once again.  In my new space it is separate from the rest of my townhouse and away from distractions and it has a window!  Natural light--oh how I have missed you.
I can't wait to start sharing with you all once again.
Make this a great one-


  1. Bryan, so great to hear from you again. I'm glad you are ok, and it seems that you are more than ok! Thanks for letting us know. Have fun in Florida - what a great place to live!

  2. Bryan, it hurt my heart to hear of your trials. I've been laid off before. It feels like they just cast you aside. Especially after you've given so many years. But I know you're walking in God's plan. I'm so glad to hear He has lead you to FL. Enjoy your new job! Can't wait to see how your new surroundings and landscape influences your crafting. I'll be here when you get back to it. I hope I am inspiring you during your hiatus!


  3. Wow I had wondered what had happened to you. Gosh what a journey but you sure went to the right guy to find peace and harmony. You definitely have been thru a lot and sounds like you're going to be better than ever. God is smiling his light is shining down upon you and giving you peace.

  4. I am so sorry to hear of your lay off. Man, it can flip your life upside down and all around. I'm glad that you found happiness in Florida! Good luck with your new job and new life adventure. I hope you get to crafting soon, we'll be here waiting :)

  5. We've missed you, too. So glad things are working out well. Best of luck and looking forward to getting your posts again.

  6. Bryan
    We have missed you but I am so happy for you that you found a job so quickly. It is not easy in this job environment!
    Congrats on your new job. I hope you are not too far from the beach ;)

  7. Congrats on your new Adventure!

  8. Oh Bryan, I'm so sorry to hear you got laid off. I've been there, done that and it's no fun at all. Thank goodness someone realized your worth and hired you. I know you will be an asset to any company. Good luck with your moving. I don't envy you. I'll be happy to have you back blogging in July. God bless you Bryan and may He keep you safe. Mary Ann

  9. So good to hear how God has blessed you and how you have been attentive to His promptings... I have just been listening to a podcast on which the guest made a statement "Hard is hard, sometimes it can be very hard but that doesn't mean it's bad." Your posting made me think about how you have been given lemons but you are in the midst of making some very fine lemonade! Good luck to you, Bryan and I look forward to July when we can expect some great crafting from the Scrapguy. Take care, Cathy R aka MCF's Mimi

  10. So glad to hear from you,so glad to hear you have found a new Wonderful Job! I have been praying for you! Sometimes we don't know why things happens the way they do!But we have to just trust in God,he knows the way!

    "Ask,and it shall be given to you; (new job)
    Seek,and ye shall find; (new job)
    Knock, and it shall be opened unto you:" (new job) Matthew 7;7
    "With God,all things are possible" Mathew 19;26

    So happy you found a WONDERFUL JOB with PEACE,HAPPINESS & JOY in your LIFE!

  11. Change can be difficult, but it sounds like you are better off now if you feel like you're more at peace! Congrats on the new job, and we look forward to your projects when you are ready to showcase them!

  12. It is so good to hear from you again Bryan! I just checked on your site yesterday to see if there might be an update. I'm SO HAPPY to learn of your good news! What a new and exciting challenge for you! Congratulations Bryan, and best wishes in you new job!

  13. Best wishes on this new journey in your life

  14. I enjoyed my visit with you!! I ♥ your positive outlook. :) God is good!!!

    I just had to "follow" you so not to miss anything! It would make me so happy if you would follow me too. :)

    Have a fantastic week!

    Lots of BIG Hugs,



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