Friday, February 5, 2010

Stamp-N-Foil Discount Code

Just wanted everyone to know that Stacey at, makers of the Stamp-N-Foil that I have been using in some of my post and found at CHA-has offered a 10% discount on 20' (yes that is 20 feet) rolls--all you have to do is enter scrapguy in the discount code box on the home page!

I want to thank Stacey for being so kind as to offer this promotion and I really hope you all pop over to so you can try out this very cool product which I happen to love!

Have a great Friday!!!!


  1. Love it. I may have to order some. I love bling.

    You are awesome.
    wendy from CHA

  2. Cool... that might take care of the shipping!
    Wooo Hoooo TR

  3. The foil looks so interesting, fun and really has inspired me! Would love to try it. Thanks for the discount I hadn't heard of the Foil until I started following your blog!! Thanks!

  4. Love it!!! It looked so good in the card you made. Your very first card, (you did it,you did good)GREAT JOB.Thanks for the discount code.


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