Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Cricut Lite Billionaire Cut

OK so I had to start playing with my new Cartridges (as I wait to see the new ones for Hello Thursday) and my number one must have was Billionaire!  Why you may ask--cause I want to be one!  No really I love the font as I am a font junkie!!!!
So I picked my favorite cut and decided to test the easy of assembly.  I first cut all layers (4 in total) in different colors so you all could see.
First I took the shadow (base+shift) and the base cut (no shift) and atg'ed them together

than I added the layer cut
and finally the layer+shift
This cut has a lot of small narrow sections so the larger the better--this one is 5 1/2" .  
The cut would be perfect for a privet school scrapbook layout using school colors.
A card base in tonal shades which would act as a pattern when put together.
A really cool shaped card if welded (would have done it but no gypsy update yet) 
In black white and red---how classic
for a golf layout using a sweater for color inspiration.  
How about a Red and Green version for the holidays--
I can think of tons more--not only is the font great on this cartridge but there are a ton of mustaches which would be so fun to cut in the SEI felt paper and use on photos to make them funny faces!  (think the Marxs Brothers!) If you were on the fence--come on over!
Have a great one!


  1. You are making me go buy it!! lol (I already got 6 of the new ones!)... I can see me using this for the golfers in my life.
    I also liked you mentioning Monopoly... I use to be hooked on it... anyway thanks!!

  2. This is really cute. I already wanted this one for the font but glad to see that it has more. I just wish my Walmart would get them so I can get them ;)

  3. Hmm I actually kindda like this.... This cartridge originally wasn't on my list but after seeing this I may need to rethink my choices even thought I've already purchased like 3 of them. I do have a question was it hard to put together? Looks like a lot of layers there.

  4. Bryan,

    You are such the enabler!!! I better stay away from your blog ;) (Luckily, I haven't had time to go to Walmart)


  5. By the time our Wal-Mart gets them in I'm afraid that I'll be wanting 'All' of them!!! :)

  6. Wow - thanks for showing all those cool cuts. It's great when blogger buddies show the cuts and enable us! hahaha

    By the way - I left you an award at my blog for all your inspiration you give!


  7. Lots of great ideas. This is one of the carts I thought I might like also. Hadn't thought of wanting to be a billionaire though--guess I don't think big enough. No carts yet at my WMs.

  8. i want to be one too...hehehe...nice cuts!

  9. Very cool and I love that you share your visions too. I'm creatively challenged...unfortunately. I need lots of other people's ideas to jumpstart my creative brain!!! :(

  10. Really neat! Never thought of using in the argyle type design. I like it a lot!

  11. Well I didn't have the Billionare cart on my list of wants....UNTIL NOW!!! Thanks for sharing... I love your blog :)

  12. Love the argyle design - You've sold me!!

  13. Hello everyone! Bryan , you sure do wake up the creative side of me.Thank you. I do love all your work!

  14. You are soooo lucky! I stopped at WM last night and still no Lite carts. However, I did get some great deals on some MS paper and a new punch. But I really want to see these new carts! At least I'll really know which two I can buy after looking at what everyone else has created. Thanks so much for that!

  15. This one was at the top of my list for the font and this exact cut! LOVE the look! TFS!

  16. our walmart is carrying 16 out of the 24 lites.. bummer. I love what you have created - funny how I would have NEVER thought of this.. Thanks for making me thinking outside the design..

  17. love the cuts on this cartridge. You have some great ideas for the argyle cut.

  18. This is one of the new carts that I have on my "list". Thanks for showing us one of the layered cuts on it. It's a great cart!


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