Sunday, June 13, 2010

I got caught....caught up in the excitment!

OK---I must confess I have gotten caught red handed--buying some of the new mini lite cartridges--I know you don't have to say it--did I need them? The answer to that is a big fat NO! I was on a business trip all last week so I did not get a chance to go search until Friday night when I got back to Dallas. The first place I went was a Wally World on a mission to see if they had any! to my surprise (as well as my wallets) they did--and they were most of the ones I wanted!

Varsity--great for any school scrap booking or card making!
Carousel--which has ton of cute cuts and a KILLER font--one you won't use on everything but it is a super cool sort of vintage look!
Cherry Limeade--need I say more--Happy Hour at Sonic from 2-4 half priced drinks--Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeade here I come!
Feelin Groovy--has some great work art and it is a really fun font--esp when you mix up the colors on the layers--this one is perfect for one of my nieces--it matches her personality to a T
Billionaire--my first thought was Monopoly and i just loved ideas that started to flow--then I fell in love with the font---

I just hope they are in the gypsy update soon!
there are only 9 I really wanted and I have five--I must pace myself!


  1. Can't wait to see what you come up with. You sound like me do I really need anymore cartridges??? No, turns into a nah, then maybe just one and before I know it have half a dozen of them.

  2. I'm happy for you!! My treat for the weekend was taking my first ever T!m Holtz class! He rocks. It was so much fun.

  3. I saw the cartridges in the store on Wednesday and didn't know anything about them until I got back home. Nothing really caught my eye at the store so I settled for one of the regular carts on sale. Now that I have seen them in action from the other blogs, I want them all. Glad Walmart isn't on my agenda this week. It could be very expensive for me too.

  4. Well it sucks to be me I guess. I live in Canada and our Walmarts will probably not get them and if they do they will be 89.99 or more. Oh how I wish that I lived in the USA !!! For more reasons than these cartridges!!
    Brenda in P.E.I. Canada

  5. I think there are about 5 I would like to have but I can wait! with baited breath! LOL Who says women are shopoholics?

  6. There are probably only about 2 or so that I REALLY want but may be saved by the fact that no one seems to know if they will be in Canadian Walmarts or not :)

  7. You are a very naughty boy!!! But can't wait to see what you make with them! Have fun!

  8. I'm on a serious hunt for Lacy Labels, Botanicals and Lovely Florals. And I must get the wildlife one for stuff for my DH. Haven't spotted them here yet!!!

    Glad you found some that you wanted!!


  9. Hey Bryan,

    I'm so glad you were able to find so many of the Cricut Lites you wanted! ;) It's hard not to get caught up in all the excitement. I can't wait to see what you make with them (although that makes me realize that I "need" them, too).

    I had a question: where did you find the frame you used for your friend Maria's baby present (the one you made with A Child's Year-one of my favorite cartridges)? My brother's having twins and I love the idea...

    Thanks so much,


  10. Our walmart does not get anything new for Cricut including new carts. bummer. you lucky guy

  11. Bryan,

    I just remembered: wasn't it just in Friday's post that you said there were 6 Cricut Lites on your wish list?! And now you're up to 9?! Funny how that happens!!! ;) That's why I'm afraid to buy my first one...and Walmart is a hard store for me to stay away from (ours is a Super Walmart here in Scottsdale, so I stop there for groceries).


  12. Congratulations on your new carts! Good thing you got such great buys last week, so your wallet wasn't hurting too bad! haha! No luck getting them at our WM yet. Will have to keep checking back!

  13. You are so funny! Glad they had some of what you wanted! Hurry and make something with some of them so you can share your creation!!! :)


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