Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Funday........................

So it is Friday Funday..........This week has brought a lot of excitement. As everyone get ready to head to Chicago for CHA--I will be at home in Dallas preparing for a trip to Salt Lake the following week. Oh how I wish I could go. At CHA in January that is where I met so many wonderful folks and made some awesome friends (that I have lunch with often)! I hope you all have fun and when you are at the dollar pearls think of me---I love that booth! Oh the papers at SEI, and Clear and Simple stamps, and the amazing amount of glimmer mist in one location is a scrappers dream come true. Have fun and be sure to post all your wonderful new finds!

This week also brought the release of the Martha Stewart Cake Cartridges from Provo Craft.
Martha Stewart All Occasions Cake Art (click the link to take you to the full book)

Martha Stewart Elegant Cake Art
Martha Stewart Seasonal Cake Art
I love these--when you click the link it will take you to Provo Craft and the handbooks for each where you can lust after all the borders and amazing fonts and shapes. 
Now I have two questions--
1) How many of you got caught up in the excitement and ordered them?  One, two, or all three--fess up!

2) How many of you think I got caught up in the excitement and will be getting a package from HSN next week?

Remember this is my Saturday over at Everyday Cricut so make sure to stop in and see what I have done with a few of the new Larger Cuttlebug Folders!  I will also post the how to videos here on my blog!
Make it a great one and we will see you on Saturday!


  1. These are so cool I really want the All Occations cart

  2. I almost got the MS cake just to get one cart and .... sell my red cake and keep the white... I had to contain myself!!!!!!
    I will wait until they are lower in price...
    I'm still in rehab from being an HSN-aholic.
    When are you going back to Hong Kong? I would love to send you money, if you could? so that you can get me more door hanger-- I just love the one you gave me, and would like to do the same as you-- hang one on each door!!

  3. I went so far as to call my husband at work to see if he cared for me to spend the money I really wanted to purchase the MS bundle but restrained myself with a little help. Maybe Santa will think I've been good this year. As for you I hope you dove in and purchased at least the MS carts.

  4. 1) I did not succumb. While I have tremendous cartridge envy and lust, I have an even bigger out of debt lust going on. I didn't even watch the presentation because my desire to enrich myself is much stronger than my desire to enrich MS and/or Provocraft any further

    2) I hope you didn't. You mentioned a budget a couple of posts again. No thing is worth owning, more than your own fiscal soundness.. At least that's what I keep telling myself lately!

  5. I do think you will have a package going to your house from HSN!! I am trying to be good and not spend right now.........I am saving it fro my vacation to Yellowstone the beginning of is so hard to be good!!

  6. I did not watch so I was doing overindulging. You can really get caught up with HSN as one other lady says. Not me.
    I have a feeling that you probably bought at least one, budget or not! I know how my husband is with his fanatical buying!
    I sure would like all 3 but will also wait for the prices to come down although MS hardly ever does but am sure there will be places other than HSN to get them cheaper. Same goes for the ones at Walmart. $39.99 is a little to rich for my blood.

  7. Love the MS carts, but no, I did not buy them. I really want the Happy Haunting and Winter Frolics carts when they come out, so had to say no to something. However, my wonderful DH bought be a backup Cricut for $179 and Lyrical Letters for $22.50 at Menards last week. Weird place to be selling them, but they were too great a price to not get. He's great. And yes, I think you'll have a package coming from HSN very soon!

  8. I am going to CHA and can hardly wait. I'm a little bummed that I didn't make it into My Pink Stamper's Cricut workshop, but found a couple of others I know I will enjoy. I LOVE the MS All Occasion cart! I will absolutely get this one and I am thinking that yes, you will be getting a package from HSN...but not sure for how many...I'm thinking maybe you got all 3!

  9. I really really really want the Elegant Cake Art. So far I have been able to hold out. I think that you are holding out too. Be strong!

  10. Oh, yeah! I'm SURE you will be getting a package from HSN!!! I was only able to resist since I already bought 5 cartridges this month!!! YIKES!!! Shhhhhh!!! don't tell anyone!

  11. So far I haven't gotten any of the cake cartridges only because I've gotten like 20 some already this year alone. I'm trying to show some restrain.... it's not easy. I do how ever love all of the loopy boarders. Can't wait to see what you have planned for us tomorrow.

    Take Care

  12. I didn't get caught up in the hype. Not in my budget to splurge on pricey carts right now. I don't think you have any control, so I am betting you are waiting for a package to arrive!
    Mary Ann

  13. Uh Oh! Sounds like someone was a very bad boy with his credit card!!! I have been a very good girl and I haven't ordered any new carts at all and I have really been good about sticking to my spending diet. Of course it helps that I still can't drive because I had that hip replacement in June, BUT I could be ordering online and I'm not. They do look like some pretty amazing carts though! Have fun with them when they come!

  14. You shouldn't have! I think you probably blew your budget again. I have to wait and save money for house taxes right now. Having a roof over our head is our main priority right now. I am dying to get at least one of the new cartridges that has been released, but I am being good.

  15. I'm thinking you are waiting for a parkage from HSN.I think you got caught up in the excitement and got 2 cart.I can't get HSN where I live, but my budget/money is very tight right now.So I'm just window shopping just looking!TFS

  16. I didn't get caught up in the excitement. My guess is that you got all three of the cartridges though!! :)

  17. I was bad, because I am a big Martha Stewart fan as well as a cricut fan. I was so tempted, it was really hard, but I was a good girl I didn't take the plunge. I refrained. I so want the cricut cake but haven't been able to get it and now MS has come up with hers which I even like better. Maybe Santa will bring it. I can only hope and all of her carts to!!! PC has been killing me this year - with all the lite carts that are out, the seasonal carts, and now the new fall bundle. I dream $$$$$$$$$$$'s in my sleep. I would venture to say thou that you caved and got the MS Cake and the carts to go along with it. Am I right?


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