Monday, November 5, 2012

Decorated Treat Box

So I have gotten on a kick of giving yummy treat for celebrations.  Recently I missed a birthday of a friend (who also happens to be the guy who helps run the wine shop I frequent-not a bad friend to have if you like wine) of mine because I was in NYC on business.
So to celebrate and let him know I did not forget and that I was sorry for missing the party--I bought bite size cupcakes from my fav place in NYC and brought them home--well you know I could not just give them in the box they came in!
So I took a white baked goods box from Joann's and worked some paper magic-

I measure the box and cut everything 1/8" short so that it would fit perfectly on the box, inked the edges, used some red line and started the over haul.

To create the 'window' I layered up my two pcs of paper and paced my spellbinders die and sent it through my cuttlebug--this took all of 5 minutes and the box was as big a hit as the bit sized cupcakes!

We are off on another week (this year had  flown by) so make it count!
Make it a great one and we will see you back here soon!


  1. Great way to dress up your gift box Bryan! And, a good tip to cut your papers 1/8 short--makes total sense! I'm sure your friend knew your were thinking of him!

  2. Love it! Great idea...i may have to use this for Turkey Day. ;)

  3. Rose said...
    This treat box idea would make any treat look good "very SWEET idea"! Great for school,work or any holiday!I got to share this with by sister she alway bring a white box of something she always say I'm not a cook!


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