Thursday, February 18, 2010

House Warming Card

Hi all--hope your day is off to a rockin' start! This card was for a very good friend (one of the best) who just moved into a new apartment not far from where I live. The house warming was this past weekend and this is the card I made which was paired with a lovely bottle of vodka.

The castle is cut from Life's A Beach and I used some of the papers from the SEI kit which match the colors of the new apartment. I cut the layers but there is no shadow so I just cut a pc of paper that would hide behind the castle to look like lights in the windows.

I cut the crown from Celebrations, and the font is Schoolbook and Queen is cut from Hannah Montana. I added lots of bling to help balance the colors which are really 'boy'--here are some detail shots

Added a Cindy Crawford crystal mole to the 'Q' which got more comments than anything else.

If you knew my friend you know this statement fit was a perfect fit.
Thanks for stopping in. Keep watching as there is blog candy in the not so distant future!!!!
Make it a great on-


  1. I like this...
    But try adding some ink around the edges. ; )
    It will make it POP! Just rub the ink pad on
    the edges or use a stipple brush to swirl it at
    the edges. WOW I used edges a lot in that post!
    hahaha .... TR

  2. I think the card is cute. But, I have to say my favorite part is your description of the crystal on the Q. It made me laugh! Thanks for a "laughing" start to my day.

    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Great card! Isn't is wonderful to be able to make a card that just fits the person it is for to a 'T'! I love it!! :)

  4. Love the card. So many cartridges I don't have!! What a great friend to be able to get wonderful cards from you!!

  5. Great Card!! Love the castle and all the bling!! Sheryl K

  6. Fun card. I glad you friend liked it.

  7. I am loving the whole concept of this card!! It's fantastic!! You did a great job, B!

  8. Awesome card! The castle is way cute, love the paper you cut it from.

  9. Great idea love the sentiment. The bling is great.

  10. I love this. I am also a Queen... ha, ha

  11. I just love this card! It made me laugh. I am sure your friend loved it also!!

  12. love this card , Bryan!!! The sentiment is hilarious!! You crack me up!!

  13. Oh I love the sentiment! I wish I had seen it before my brother got his house.

  14. Too cute! Love your sentiment!

    MelissaAllore on the Cricut Board

  15. I love this! My Mother called our new house the 'castle'! lol


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