Thursday, November 11, 2010

Card using looped ribbon

Hello everyone--to days card from the Archivers make and take is super simple but taught me a technique I did not know before
The tree is embossed and I stamped the sentiment.  The bracket edge is using a Tim Holtz die and the ribbon at the bottom is looped by taking the Tim Holts tiny attacher and placing a staple between each loop.
You all may already have this tool but I think it a must have for any crafter>
It's called a quick stick-one end is sticky the other gives you to have an extra long skinny finger to help attach this titty bitty pcs to your project.  For six bucks I had to have one.
Make it a great one?


  1. Gorgeous card,, great technique..tfs. I LOVE my Quicker Picker Upper tool.. LOL. I couldn't live without it!! Like you said,, for the few bucks it costs it's SO worth it!!

  2. I {heart} my pickup tool. I use it all the time. Love the ribbon teckie. I run ATG gun down before adding ribbon and just scrunch it up for another fun teckie.
    Crafting hugs!!!

  3. Really like the embossed tree. I have the Tweezer Bee which works somewhat like this. Love it!

  4. Love your card and so love that it's shaped. Keep saying I need to make more of those, but just haven't done it. Will definitely try to get one done this week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Great card! Love the tree!! :)

  6. I always love the Archivers Make & Takes. I learn many new techniques from them! And I agree--this tool is a MUST have.

  7. Cute card. I have this tool and love it.

  8. Love the card!!!! I've heard great things about that tool, I guess I'm going to have to invest in one. :) TFS! :)

  9. Love the embossed tree, & the cut. Of course the ribbon and paper is cute too. I don't have this tool but from reading all the comments I believe it will have to make it to my wish list. TFS, enjoy your blog & appreciate the time you put into sharing your ideas with us. Happy Holiday. Suz

  10. Bryan,

    You made some great things at the Make & Take!!! :) I have been wanting the QuickStik forever, but I can't find it at Michael's nor Joann's (& I didn't want to pay for shipping). I have to remember to check Hobby Lobby...unfortunately, we don't have Archiver's here.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Crafty hugs,


  11. I love the embossed tree. I think I need one of the QuickSticks, I know it would come in handy!! Thanks Bryan.

  12. Hi Bryan,
    Can you tell me where I can get one of those tools please? I always have to have the latest and greatest tools. Spoiled like that! LOL ;)
    XO ~ Amy Jo
    PS - I'd be thrilled if you check out my blog!

  13. Love the card. Also love the Quickstick, the best tool ever.


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