Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday Funday.........

So it's Friday Funday yet again!!!!  Boy this week had been CRAZY!! Salt Lake City was beautiful--the mountains were breath taking--so toady I am headed to DFW for a business trip to Ohio---This trip should be fun-why you may ask--Because I am going to the NFL Hall of Fame.  This weekend is when the new class of Hall of Famers get those yellow jackets.  Most people would be excited about the game on Sunday and getting to see the players.  I on the other hand am more excited about seeing the players in the jackets I had made for this event.  To be part of these amazing players experience this weekend is really exciting.  I will take plenty of pictures and will share next week.

So I promised another project but I ran in to some time issues this week.  I did however use my scraps from the layout and cards this week to make the header that completes the gift set of cards--I still have more than half the paper for the Workshop On the Go kit!  So trust that you will be seeing these papers again.  LOL!

I am also very excited that there will be a box of brand new FALL IDEA BOOKS waiting for me to send out to the club members.  I will have a few extras so if you need one let me know and we can work it out!  I would love for you to join us in the Workshop On the Go club--I have gotten a peak at the kits in the new book and they are AWESOME!!!  There are some great extras and tons of fun in store!
If you would like to join in let me know! I will send out an email on Monday to those interested with all the exciting details.

Next week I have a card a day--all made from just 2 sheets of pattern cord stock and three sheets of solid---I have given a few local friends a preview and I hope you like them as much as they did!!
Have a wonderful weekend--see ya Monday!


  1. Enjoy your weekend and seeing those yellow jackets. How fun for you!

  2. Hello Bryan,
    You have such an exciting life!! I just love reading your blog and hearing about your trips!! Enjoy The NFL Hall Of Fame! I cant wait to see the pictures of the jackets!!

  3. Would still like to be in Workshop on the Go Club.
    I am impressed that you have made the HOF jackets!
    I live about an hour from Canton--have been there many times; sad to say I won't be at the HOF weekend though.
    Janet Hamilton

  4. I was born and raised in Canton, OH! The Football Hall of Fame has changed so much over the years - as children we would go up there and go through for free all the time. Enjoy yourself and post some pictures, please. Nancy

  5. Janet--Got you signed up and on the list--be looking for an email on monday withe club info and the first extra!
    Been a to Canton a couple of times--I just hope it is not to hot! Been over a 100 degrees here in dallas all week!

  6. Have an awesome weekend Bryan!! I know you will!!! Love the topper for your cards. Cute cute cute!! :)

  7. Love the card set it's really cute. Wish I could join right now but unfortunately the timing is not good for me financially right now. Maybe if you offer again in a few months I'll be in a better situation. Thanks for all you do and have a great time this week end!

  8. Have a great weekend Bryan I too would like to join the kit of the month club but not sure now is a good time I do hope you will be offering again

  9. Have a great weekend. You do so much travelling, do you ever wake up wondering where you are? I am interested in knowing more about the Club. Is there a link I can go to to check it out?


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