Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello Mr. Postman, UPS Guy, and the FedEx Dude

I have been away on business for the last 11 days and only home for three than back to NYC here a day than back to NYC and Asia--It's crazy--
Rest assured there are projects to be shared and blog posts to be read! (some are already done and ready to go)
So when I got home my front door was covered with post it notes from the different shipping companies, I went to the office and found that I had all of these--
there was a ton of new Close to My Heart stuff and some new paper, a few of the newest cricut cartridges, and a few pair of shoes! 
Make it a great one-


  1. Nothing like some boxes of goodies to come home too.

  2. Love it!!! The fed-ex guy, postman/woman, ups guy all know me by first name basis.

  3. I so want to be you! I love, love getting packages in the mail! My DH hates when the ups man But I love it!! Congrats, and have so much fun opening them.

  4. WOW.. that is a lot of traveling..geesh.. I'm such a home body I can't image being away for 11 days. However if I came home to all those boxes, it might be worth a trip or two.. LOL. It's so much fun to get packages! I can't wait to see what kind of papercrafting fun these comes of this!

  5. Cool! Did it feel like Christmas? Cannot wait to see what you do with all that stuff!

  6. Wow! Wish I were you I love getting packages in the mail. the only thing I get is trial size things with Now, this would be fun!

  7. What?! You are just going to leave us hanging with an ending like that? "And a few pairs of shoes....."

  8. You just crack me up! I, too, love to get my packages. Enjoy the goodies, and enjoy the travels.

  9. Wow lotsa's fun to get 'em because it's all the neato stuff U R wanting....2 bad we didn't get 2 C everything....what are the cartridges you got? Come on now....gotta share.

    You are so funny...I agree you R a crack up!

    Joan smith

  10. What FUN you will have opening everything! Enjoy!


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