Friday, October 28, 2011

Omg. It's Friday!

Hello all! It's Friday and I can't wait till 5:30! This weekend is going to be beautiful which is good, cause I am going to get some much needed crafting accomplished! I have so many ideas sketched out that it will take me months to complete them all. I was working on one last night but got a bit side tracked. The world series game was a nail bitter and I could not stop watching. Having lived in both cities either way a team I enjoy will win! It's game 7 tonight-what a series! Oh, and almost forgot on my way home from work I bought a car! More about that on Saturday as the weather will be perfect to put the top down! Pics to come!
Make it a great one


  1. Hey Bryan, OOOOOh a convertible how cool is this! Can't wait 2 C your pics.....and really lookin' 4ward to your projects.....and even just maybe a glimpse at your new digs!!!


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