Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Funday....

So I have been working on a HUGE project for work this week and was out with my assistant last night buying items to complete this project--well I get the cash and wrap to pay and my card is declined--NOT POSSIBLE I say--so I call the bank and they said there was a few charges on my debit cards that were 'out of the norm' so it ends up someone has cracked my card and now I will be with out a debit card for at least 10 days.  So this brings me to my point--I was thinking what was I going to do and how was I going to live with out my debit card--which got me to thinking what could I not live without in my scraproom!  So I am asking you what can you just not live with out when it comes to crafting--we all have at least 3 items that we use all the time, turn to in a time of need, and and always depend on to get the job done.  What are yours?
Mine you ask--well
1-My atg guns (yes more than one) they may be large but never fail to get the job done!
2-Embossing Folders: swiss dot, divine swirls, herringbone to be specific
3-Chalk ink--every color I can find--not matter what you are working on a little ink will go a long way in adding pop and depth to any project!
I have a few cool (at least I think they are) projects for next week as well as another answer to a follower challenge.  If you have a challenge that was not posted in the last call on my blog; feel free to email me at will answer all of them, and I try to take into account if you say it is something needed in the near future!  These challenges have been so much fun!!!
I am sure we are all ready for the weekend--so make it a great one!


  1. Ohhhh Bryan...soooo sorry to hear about someone hacking you.... that certainly STINKS! But you are right about thinking about what we use most or can't live without in our scraproom....
    Mine are - (1) ATG Gun (Love it)
    (2) Stampin' Up Ink
    (3) Stampin' Up Cardstock
    I wish we could list (5) because I can think of a few more I can't live without! LOL
    Try and have a great weekend! :)

  2. I am so sorry about your card. That is horrible, I hope everything gets resolved soon. My top 3 that I use most in my craft room are my Creative Memories personal trimmer, chalk ink (love those little eyes) and stickles.

  3. Super sorry to hear about your card. That has happened to me too. And it really stinks when you have to wait so long for a replacement card. I use mine for everything! My top 3, not including my E and DS would be 1) my paper - I'm a paper freak! 2) my paper trimmer 3) chalk ink.

  4. Yikes! Identity theft is awful! Someone out there trying to buy scrapbooking supplies in your name? NOT RIGHT! We're supposed to enable each other and there are plenty of RAKS to sign up for people! Anyway, I cannot live without my stacks of paper, paper trimmer, lately my Gypsy (it's the only organized thing I own!) and my ATG as well, also, my Mac, since I run to it for inspiration always!

  5. Sorry about your debit to wonder what kind of people do this!!?!!

    Three things I cannot live without for crafting?
    1. My bugs (Cricut E, Gypsy & Cuttlebug)
    2. My variety of adhesives (ATG, Scor-tape & glue dots)
    3. Bling (Stickles, rhinestones, glimmer mist)

    Actually, there's alot more but you said three (LOL)! Have a great day!!

  6. How terrible!! I have this fear of someone stealing my identity! Hope everything works out. The three things I can't live without:
    1. Gypsy, Expression
    2. Paper-Have to have more and more and more.....
    3. Inks I'm with you Byran, inking really pops a card. Just like bling.
    I could really go on and on and on here!
    Have an awesome weekend!! :)

  7. So sorry to hear about the card hack...makes a person a bit sad to think people can be so unethical...anyway my three things I can't do without (assuming my E and Gypsy are a given :o)) I couldn't craft without my Fiskars paper trimmer, adhesive tape runner, and core'dinations paper! (of course with the core'dinations I'd have to add some cuttlebug folders!)

  8. Sorry card was jacked a couple of yrs ago and it as a nightmare. It'll get straightened up quickly though. I can't live with my designer paper.....LOTS and lots of designer paper. I have 3 tall rack full and I still buy more and more....shhhh dont tell hubs 'cause he hasn't ventured into my studio in over 2 yrs.....LOL

  9. I had a friend that lost her card too last week. Sorry it happened.
    I have to have my adhesives, c/s and scissors. I have WAY too mant pairs.

  10. I could do things without my Cricut Expression...but I wouldn't want to!! Adhesive and paper I guess would be the next most important. did I mention I love my Cuttlebug and punches?? Oh yeah, stickles,.........never mind....this is too hard! LOL

  11. yikes! thats my worst fears too, to get my debit card hacked!!! and NOT to be able to use it for 10 days?!??!!! sorry it happened to you.

    For me, i can't live without my bling, adhesives and embossing powders!

  12. 3 things I can't do without? Let's see 1) atg guns, one acid free the other isn't. 2) My Perfect Layers set. Hardly anyone else seems to use this, but I love it! 3) patterned paper, I am a total paper-holic, I admit it, I have tons of paper and I LOVE IT ALL!
    Sorry to hear about your bank card, that really sucks!

  13. My three things are: paper, Xyron 900 adhesive, my old Fiskars paper trimmer.

    Sorry to hear about your card, that is a bummer.

  14. darling bryan...that sucks!

    anyhow...I haven't been around for a while busy w my blog n' life you know how it is.

    I love my G, E and my trimmers. Can't cut nothing straight w the scissors, hehe.

  15. the same thing happened to me back in January/February TALK ABOUT FRUSTRATING! no 1 wants to prosecute the scum bag!!

  16. First of all I'm so sorry about your card. Not sure what I'd do without mine either. Don't even want to think about it.
    Okay my 3 must haves are
    1. Paper trimmer. I can't do any paper crafting projects without it.
    2. Adhesive One must have something to hold things together.
    3. Ink pads. Like you said a little color goes a long way to making your project pop.

  17. Bryan, so sorry about your Debit Card--This just happened to me with my credit card while I was on vacation--thankgoodness I had my other card with me or I would have been sunk. They caught it the same way by noticing it charges "out of my norm"--an "escort" service do be exact--YIKES
    needless to say, the rest of the family thought this was very humorous. My "must haves" ink pads, trimmer, adhesives--(expression and G too}

  18. Hate when u can't use your debit card. Mine was missing from my wallet today at lunch so I used the 'saving' account debit card and it was declined (there is $) turns out we had to get new cards and my DH just did not give me mine ... so I had to use a credit card to but my lunch. Not happy...
    My 3 go to items:
    Cricut E, Inks, and Paper

  19. Bryan, I realized after reading your post a second time that I never expressed my sorrow for someone hacking your debit card. I had a senior moment and couldn't remember 2 things at the same time!! (sigh) Hope it gets resolved quickly.

  20. I do feel for you Bryan, we had our credit card number stolen when a supermarket chain had someone stealing card numbers! They had used it for a few LARGE purchase before it was caught. Now for my 3 ( it is so hard to come up with just 3 ) My E and DS is a given. Paper has to be #1 , I can never have too much!!I do love my embossing folders and Bling . Bling is like my obsession with paper never too much!
    I hope it all works out fast for you Bryan.

  21. I'm so sorry to here about your debit card,Dirt Dogs, I hope they get caught!!!
    What I can't live without:
    1.Cricut Expression & Carts.(a must)
    2.Ink pads(that's a given)
    3.Paper(got to have paper & paper & paper)

  22. Bryon, so sorry to hear about your card. I lost mine a couple months ago and had to have it replaced but what a sinking feeling when you open your billfold and find it missing. Almost makes me want to go back to the old ways of paying cash but not quite.
    You are so cruel to only let us name 3 but guess it would be never ending.
    My 3 are Cricuit Expression, lots of paper and ATG gun.

  23. A pox on hackers!
    My "Can't do withouts" are my Cricut, my Fiskars trimmer, and my Design Studio.

  24. How embarrassing for you. Did you want to crawl in a hole. It seems to be happening to more people everyday. I am going to go with the three things I love the most instead of use the most. 1.] My Cricut E & carts 2.]All my paper {my addiction} 3.] Embossing folders. Hope your weekend picks up!

  25. Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry you had to be punished for another's greed. Since I'm not very good at card making I couldn't live without blogs like yours to teach me how to make beautiful cards, next would be my Cricut, Cuttlebug folders and pretty paper. Oops that's four, sorry.

  26. Bryan,

    I am so sorry to hear about your Debit Card! :(

    But you are your usual, upbeat, positive self (so glad to see)! Instead of wallowing, you've turned it into a fun game.

    I could not live without my Cuttlebug (overuse my Swiss Dots and Paisley embossing folders, but love my Nesties, too); my sharp, little scissors (I've got MS, SU!, and Cutterbee ones and love them all!), and my Scor-Pal!

    Just curious: why do you have multiple ATG guns? I have been wanting to get one in forever, and finally bought the pink one by 3M (with a 50% off coupon at Michael's). Not sure if it's as good as the 700 or 714, but for that price ($17.50!), I figure it's a good one to start out with...

    Hope your missing debit card isn't causing you too much of a headache,



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